SCAR on Facebook

SCAR have now got a Facebook page, anyone wanting to contact us can get us on our Facebook page. we look forward to hearing from interested people or groups.

Bradford Summer Cup

SCAR are sponsoring the Bradford summer cup held between July and August. This is in partnership with Thornton United who have organised the tournament over past years.

New Partnership with Sharpla Fc

A new club and training center for young people as been going for about 2 years. The club provides coaching sessions by FA qualified coaches on a Saturday morning for juniors at the Beap center of Midland road Bradford next door to Bradford City football ground. SCAR provided some T shirts  for many of the young kids to wear at future matches to highlight that discrimination of any form will not be tolerated. SCAR have sponsored Sharpla under 17s tracksuit tops in a tournament in London. A football tournament will be happening in the near future for many of the young kids at Sharpla and other newly formed clubs to participate in to get the kids ready for organised football in the...

New Racist incidents in Leeds

Hi All, It was recently on TV and many social media networks about incidents that happened at a junior football match in Leeds. The incident from the outside seemed to upset many of the youth partaking in this football match. Leaving the club to use the media to highlight the views of the juniors and parents/guardian of the incidents they saw occur. The matter has been taken up by the County FA disciplinary panel were an outcome of the incident will be adjudicated upon. Many people are waiting for the result of the...