SCAR was formed in 1999 after an incident were a black player was sent to prison for striking an opponent on a football pitch after being racially abused for the entire

game. A comment from the chief executive of the West Riding County Football Association angered many of our members stating “ They are not just sat down in their ivory

tower and incidents of this nature will be punished” No mention of the racist abuse just the assault.
However, we then campaigned to the Professional Footballers Association(PFA) and KickitOut about the seriousness of the racial abuse on playing fields. After meeting

Brendon Bateson (PFA) and Piara Power(KickitOut) a meeting was held at the West Riding County FA headquaters. At this meeting many individuals and clubs complained to

the president of the County FA about the racist abuse they were getting from playing football at grassroots level.
A small commission was set up by Kick it Out and done by Leeds Carnige to find out how much abuse was actually happening at grassroots level. The commission came up

with some recommendation that all the West Riding local councils signed up too. This was any individuals or clubs found guilty of racist abuse on council fields would

be expelled from playing on their respect fields.
Since this has happened members of SCAR have been on courses to help clubs with their governance and funding.  We have successfully aquired funding for several sporting

iniatives, with funding from the Awardsforall, police, Local council, area panels, Yorkshire building society, co-operative, PFA and a few others which, have amounted

to several Thousands .
If clubs or individuals need help with conflick resolution issues they should contact SCAR for help.