After the riots of 2001 and after several meetings with the police and council officials the community was split with different people(ethnicity) claiming other members of our community was to blame for the riots.  Discussions with the police was ongoing and a growing feeling of maybe we can trust them or at least work with them was established from SCAR.

Not long after the riots a prominent member of the caribbean community in the Manningham area scence of the riots was gunned down in broad daylight. Criminal elements of our community had come into the area and robbed and killed one person without any evidence of the police caring. However, not long after strained dialogue with the police witnesess came forward to apprehend the culprits. The community in the Manningham area was divided.

SCAR organised a football tournament for juniors and seniors with the juniors participating all getting a medal. This was funded by the police in total apart from the field hire. The tournament was a great success for the immediate community with many different ethnicity talking and enjoying the  gathering together without any hostility.

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