Bridging The Generation Gap

At our last base at Frontline community centre, many of the elderly users were complaining of the fear of meeting some of the young people of the area. Media reports and word of mouth reports suggested the young people of the area were criminals waiting to happen. SCAR sort funding to engage the young and the elderly of the area to eleviate the persception of the elderly primarily but, also the young thinking the elderly don’t understand the youth of today.

The project consisted of getting a qualified tutor into the centre once a week at an agreed time for both parties. The tutor got both parties to talk about their problems of living in the area. Over the weeks the tutor got the young people walking the elderly home after the session and even getting both parties to cook a meal for the end of the project.

The evaluation sheet was very consistant after the project had ended. Both parties had nothing but praise for each other and agreed their fears and misunderstanding of each other was based on sterotype they’d put each party into. It was agreed from the Frontline community centre management this project was a great success.

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